Little Known iOS 3D Touch Feature

Usually, when people post "50 Little Known iOS Tips" or something along those lines, they include features that most tech people already know, things like 3D Touch for curser movement or Accessibility options (that you should only use if you really need them). I posted this on Twitter in response to someone and had posted it in Slacks before and was a lot of people who follow Apple/iOS closely didn't know this feature existed. I only found it a few years ago when I was playing around with Youtube and I don't remember it being mentioned on stage at any Apple event (or even in a word-cloud slide).

When on a 3D Touch device (iPhone 6s or newer–except SE or X🅁) if you are clicking on a link where you have the app installed, you will sometimes be kicked to the app instead of the website (for example, clicking on a Youtube Link in Safari), to get around this, you can invoke “Peek" (3D Touching to evoke the popover window and swipe upwards, then, you can tap "Open" to always stay in Safari, or Tap "Open in Youtube" to open the URL in the corresponding app.